Kylie Kelce Openly Supports TikTok Star After Terrible Breakup

Lauren Wolfe and Ellie Zeiler were among the influencers who shared beautiful sentiments on Bader’s TikTok. “Let’s get ittttttttttttt,” Wolfe, 24, wrote. Zeiler, 20, complemented Bader’s hot pink shirt and tights, saying, “The set!! “Love you, Remi .”



Kelce’s warm sentiments come one month after Bader disclosed her split from Keyveat Postell, whom she had dated for more than a year. Since their breakup, Bader has been open about her “healing” process. Following the separation, Kylie Kelce has become one of Remi Bader’s staunchest supporters.



After Bader, 28, posted her training routine on TikTok on Thursday, March 21, Kelce, 31, left a supportive remark in the comments section. “You are not sweating… you’re glistening!! ,” she stated in an email. “Stunning and strong! .”



“I’m gonna talk about myself and my experience and how I’m struggling with this, but I don’t need to speak about that specific person and what happened,” she told Alix Earle on a March 14 episode of the “Hot Mess” podcast. “There’s some things that are meant to be kept secret and to yourself even if you do wanna share it [online].”



That same week, she shared an honest video of herself crying, cleaning her house, and applying cosmetics. “Not quite healed yet. “I hope to get there soon,” she wrote in the caption. Earle, 23, left Bader a kind message in the comments area, writing “You got this,” accompanied with a heart emoji.



Bader’s mood appeared to improve one day later when she posted a video of herself dancing to Cardi B’s “Enough (Miami).”

“A new day ,” she captioned the post. The TikTok made its way onto Cardi’s feed, and she also supported the influencer by commenting, “OK!! ❤️”



In February, Bader shared the news that she and Postell called it quits. “When he says doing it over text is easier for him than doing it in person after almost 2 years together,” she captioned a since-deleted TikTok. She later explained in a separate TikTok video why she took down the emotional post.

“I am not going to be the person to badmouth someone online that’s been in my life for almost two years,” she said. “This is someone I thought I was gonna marry, this was my best friend. I’ve never been so close to someone in my life.”



Bader emphasized that she’s trying to stay “positive” through the heartbreak. More stars including Lili Reinhart, Tana Mongeau and The Bachelor’s Daisy Kent supported Bader in the comments section.

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