Kylie Kelce Officially Seals Relationship With Taylor Swift After The Game

Taylor Swift was Jason Kelce’s ultimate hype girl after the Philadelphia Eagles star removed his shirt and jumped into the crowd at Sunday night’s Kansas City Chiefs game. Despite the frigid temperatures, the NFL player removed his “Big Yeti” T-shirt and joined Buffalo Bills supporters on the level below him after brother Travis Kelce’s touchdown.



A video from inside the VIP room shows a stunned Swift, 34, give Jason a high-five as he walks through the box without a shirt. “Oh my god!” woman appeared to exclaim after lifting her jaw up from the floor, according to a video shared on X. Other video footage shot a few moments previously shows the pop star clutching her mouth in disbelief as the famed center, 36, made his rounds in the crowd before jumping back into the suite.



Fans noticed moments after the game that Kylie Kelce’s official Instagram account is now following Taylor Swift, finally shutting down rumors that she did not like her brother-in-law’s girlfriend. Although the “Cruel Summer” singer appeared to enjoy Jason’s antics, his wife, Kylie Kelce, attempted to contain her husband’s wild behavior.



The same source that recorded Swift’s reaction also shared a video of Kylie appearing to yell at Jason as he approached the front of the box. “No!” she cried, obviously pointing her finger in his direction, but despite her best attempts, Jason was on television for all to see just seconds later.

Although Kylie couldn’t stop the shirtless celebration, she did manage to get him back into the box. As Jason—who wore nothing but a beanie and sweatpants—continued to snap selfies with little fans, a man from inside the room informed the father of of three, “Hey, Kylie said to get your ass back in here,” per another angle posted to Twitter.



Jason captured the “Anti-Hero” singer’s attention when he scooped up 8-year-old fan Ella Piazza and led her to the edge of the room. The sweet event was captured on camera, with Swift smiling and waving at the elementary schooler before Jason set her down.

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