Jordan Love Reveals Hilarious Warning From Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers appear to have a young franchise quarterback after their last one left for the New York Jets. It happened in 2008, when Brett Favre came out of retirement and was upset when he was told he would have to compete for the starting quarterback position, and Aaron Rodgers rose to prominence shortly thereafter.



Jordan Love had a fantastic finish to the 2023 season, and despite blowing a late lead and losing to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round of the playoffs, the Packers’ future seems bright.

Love stated on “Up & Adams” that Rodgers advised him this postseason not to throw an interception on his first career playoff pass, as Rodgers did did back in the day.





Rodgers’ first postseason game occurred against the Arizona Cardinals in 2009, and the Packers fell 51-45. Despite throwing an interception four seconds into the game, Rodgers finished with four touchdown passes.

But the very next season, he guided Green Bay to a Super Bowl victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, joining Favre and Bart Starr in franchise history.



Love had a rough start this season after Rodgers’ departure, but he heated up down the line and guided Green Bay to a 9-8 record and a surprising playoff berth.

Not only did he not throw a pick on his first postseason pass, he threw no picks while going 16 of 21 for 272 yards and three touchdowns in the Packers’ 48-32 dismantling of the Dallas Cowboys..

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