Joe Burrow Reveals Bengals’ Play Calls And Fans Love it

Football is an odd game. On television, it seems gruff and brutal, but closer inspection shows the childishness at its heart.

Listen to any of the league’s quarterbacks, such as Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, call out plays for his team. You’ll never again take the NFL seriously.



The NFL shared a tape from Cincinnati’s 24-18 win against the Bills on social media Thursday morning, showing Burrow reciting nonsensical play orders to his listening Bengals teammates.

Burrow directed Cincinnati’s offense to run “Zilch Left 35 Wichita Macho Toe,” “Dice Right Numbers 3 Jet Spielberg,” “Grizzle Left Tight F Fly Pass 37 Punch Waggle Help Baby Dizzy X Fan,” and other oddities with a mostly straight face.





Burrow’s ability to commit all that material to memory—and repeat it with a straight face—confounded and delighted fans and observers.



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