Jeremy Clarkson risks wrath of Swifties as he unleashes verbal attack on Taylor Swift

Jeremy Clarkson risks wrath of Swifties as he unleashes verbal attack on Taylor Swift

Jeremy Clarkson has rounded on Taylor Swift to slam her music abilities and to suggest he is sick of hearing all about her personal life.

The 64-year-old TV host has taken aim at 34-year-old Taylor Swift after months of headlines generated by her endless Eras tour, blossoming romance with American football star Travis Kelce, and the release of her latest album, titled The Tortured Poets Department.



While Taylor is said to be happy in her romance with 34-year-old Travis, her latest album has made headlines for eviscerating her recent failed romances with British stars Joe Alwyn, 33, and Matty Healy, 35.

Jeremy has emerged from the woodwork – and from tirelessly promoting his Amazon reality show, Clarkson’s Farm – to criticise the American singer for oversharing details of her personal life and failing to make a mark in the music lexicon.



His comments were provoked by a backlash from some fans who feel Taylor has received too much free publicity about her new album from the BBC.

Music and pop culture fans have been left irritated by the fact the singer’s new album has been receiving coverage from all levels of BBC entertainment – even on the more highbrow Radio 4 shows Thought for the Day on the Today Programme, with many suggesting it is a dire attempt to try to draw in younger listeners and viewers. But Jeremy says the over exposure of Swift expands beyond the BBC.



He huffed to The Sun: “All week, people have been saying that Taylor Swift’s new album received far too much free publicity on the BBC. It’s not just the BBC, though.

Everyone is talking about Taylor Swift. And as a result, I know what outfits she favours. I know what pubs she likes. I know where she’s from. And I know she seems to enjoy the company of British men. But I can put my hand on my heart and say I’ve never knowingly heard a single one of her songs.”



Jeremy’s cutting remarks follow on from similar comments unleashed by Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant – who has slammed the American star for having forgettable hits. The 69-year-old electronic pop hitmaker – whose hits include West End Girls, It’s A Sin, and Always on My Mind – also argued that the world knows all about Taylor’s personal life but argued she is yet to produce a timeless classic.



In an interview last month, Neil remarked: “I was looking at the chart today and it is all Taylor Swift. She sorts of fascinates me as a phenomenon because she is so popular. But then I listen to the records and I think, ‘Where are the famous songs? What is Taylor Swift’s Billie Jean?’ Shake It Off? I listened to that the other day and it is not Billie Jean, is it?”



In a bitter twist of fate, the Pet Shop Boys’ latest album, titled Nonetheless, was kept off the top spot last week by Taylor’s The Tortured Poets Department. The extensive album has a staggering 31 tracks to it – but has been heavily criticised by fans and critics alike for having too many flat songs and lyrics that have been ridiculed for their mundane observations.

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