Jason Kelce Reveals One Habit of His Kylie Kelce Doesn’t Like

Jason Kelce Reveals One Habit of His Kylie Kelce Doesn't Like

Jason Kelce has to be one jump ahead of his wife Kylie Kelce if he wants the aux cord or the remote. Because it turns out she is not a fan of his favorite soundtrack. Or, at least not to the degree with which he plays it.



“Kylie gets mad at how much I turn Aladdin on,” Jason told his brother Travis Kelce on their New Heights podcast.

It definitely has to be a quantity thing, right? We’re imagining the Super Bowl-winning center is hitting repeat again and again like a toddler who has to watch CoCoMelon for the trillionth time.

“I’ve turned our girls into huge Aladdin fans.”



Oh god, so it’s a four vs. one situation? Yeah, I guess “Prince Ali” could get old if a trio of tots and their dad are constantly singing about how Prince Ali (and probably Jason Kelce) is as strong as ten regular men. She probably wishes she was living in a whole new world at that point.



Travis — AKA “Uncle Travvy” to Jason’s daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and baby Bennett — admitted he is also a fan of the Disney classic, confessing that he’ll sing the songs “all the time” in his head. In your head?! Jason quickly one-upped his brother, breaking out into an earnest rendition of the opening song from the animated film.

“Arabian niiights,” he sang, dragging it out and getting a laugh from Travis, “like Arabian daaays.”



“More often than not, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good waaays,” he continued, giving his little brother a knowing look.

The rousing rendition was so endearing, but it probably gets old for Kylie who can’t get swept up in the “mystical land of magic and sand” while she’s in charge of Jason’s jeans. (Yes, we’re still annoyed by that one.)



That said! How wholesome is it that that’s the album or movie Jason picks out? He has turned his daughters into Aladdin fans. Not the other way around. He’s not forcing them to listen to some stereotypical dad music like Nickelback (who Travis thinks Jason sounds exactly like). No, he’s going for the soundtrack that won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for Best Original Score.



We ain’t never seen a dad like him. But if he wants to channel his inner genie, he has to grant Kylie three wishes. Even if all three are to play something else for a change.

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