Jason Kelce Pranks His Wife While Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Is there anything that Kylie Kelce cannot do?. This was the question on the minds of Kelce family fans after a video surfaced of her Irish dancing at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration over the weekend. Her spouse, former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, also attended the event, but did not participate in the dance.





Jason Kelce tricked Kylie Kelce into Irish dancing on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. She never saw it coming. Kylie is of Irish descent. Her maiden name is McDevitt, which originated in County Donegal in the northwest part of Ireland. As a result, much like many young girls with ties to the Emerald Isle, she took Irish step dancing lessons throughout her childhood.



The Kelces were seen wearing green when they arrived at the Towne House in Media, Pennsylvania. Kylie was seen in a March 16 video posted by the restaurant on Facebook amidst a small gathering of Irish dancers, later identified as McHugh School of Irish Dance students from Aston, Pennsylvania. Kylie initially appeared hesitant to join them, despite the crowd’s loud repetitive claps pressing her on.





Kylie appeared to shake her head slightly before taking the hands of the two dancers on either side of her and joining in. The audience applauded and cheered them on as they did a little jig.

In addition to the video of Kylie dancing, the restaurant later posted photographs on Instagram of Jason, who retired from the NFL earlier this month, meeting with fans and drinking a pint of Guinness.



“Sláinte and thanks to legendary EAGLE Jason Kelce and family,” the restaurant’s Instagram caption said, adding some compliments for Kylie’s dancing as well as remarking that she “is a helluva Irish dancer by the way.”

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