Jason Kelce Gave Brand More Than $600K In Free Advertising

Jason Kelce Gave Brand More Than $600K In Free Advertising

Jason Kelce watched Travis Kelce lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a 27-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills. The Philadelphia Eagles center stole the show when CBS cameras captured him screaming shirtless with a beer in hand.





The company is set to benefit immensely from a dude drinking and shouting during a football game. According to Apex Marketing Group, via CNBC’s Jess Golden, Labatt Blue has received $629,288 in brand value from the older Kelce’s viral moment at Highmark Stadium.

Days after Jason’s Eagles got eliminated, he went to Orchard Park to cheer on his brother. He crashed a Bills tailgate to chug beer, so chances are the 36-year-old was sufficiently inebriated by the time he ditched his shirt.



Jason Kelce Gave Brand More Than $600K In Free Advertising



Kelce jumped out of his suite into the crowd to mingle with Bills fans and finish his beverage. Observers, probably including the same people who bemoaned coverage of Taylor Swift becoming a distraction, gave the shirtless Kelce more attention than the padded Kelce who scored two touchdowns on Sunday.



Videos and photos of the moment have circulated enough for the Canadian pilsner to receive free advertising. Fans will wonder if this is Kelce’s way of commencing retirement.



Reports surfaced of the six-time All-Pro telling teammates he was done after Monday night’s wild-card loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he denied making any decision on his New Heights podcast.

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