Jason And Kylie Kelce Show Off Their Luxurious Home

Jason Kelce, a Philadelphia Eagles football player, and his wife Kylie Kelce welcomed fans into their Pennsylvania home with a tour of one of their favorite rooms: their new playroom for girls Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 11 months old. The playroom has lots of seating and toy storage, making it an ideal space for the Kelce family to spend quality time together.

The inside is decorated with deep browns, white accents, and tonal greens. Green accents, the Kelces’ favorite hue and one worn by the Eagles for nearly three decades, can be found throughout the space. “Shockingly enough, we are big fans of green, this beautiful sage was incorporated both in the kid’s kitchen and in an accent wall, and in this awesome tree rug,” Kylie, 31, said.

“We hope that this space allows for the girls to be a good team together.” She added: “It was important to us to have a space that’s cozy and comfortable – so people want to hang out in here. “We love that everything looks amazing in the space and is also durable enough for kids.”

“Family is what builds the foundation of who our children are going to be as people.” “Jason is emotionally, mentally present for his girls and I think that’s so important,” Kylie said. “Family is everything. It’s who you come home to, it’s home.” “My hope for the three girls is that they get along for the most part and that they recognize that family is everything. It’s who you come home to, it’s home.”

The Kelces made sure the playroom has a lot of bookshelves because they’ve always been “a book family.” They started reading to Kylie’s belly when Kylie was still there, Jason’s wife and Consultant for the Eagles Autism Foundation recalled. “The memories that we’re creating now are things that we’ll talk about later, the same way our parents tell stories about us now,” Kylie said.

Jason is facing a major career dilemma this year with the NFL All-Pro center wondering whether or not it’s time to retire from football. The seven-time Pro Bowler will most certainly keep himself occupied thanks to his burgeoning media career.

After receiving fantastic reviews for his analysis on the New Heights Podcast, top sports networks are racing to hire the Eagles star as an analyst when he exits the NFL permanently.

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