Here’s Why Fans Are Excited About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Being Invited to the 2024 Met Gala

Taylor Swift Has Understandable 'Worry' With Travis Kelce

After painting the town red at the Coachella festival, lovebirds Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are invited to the 2024 Met Gala, revealed the insiders.



Eager fans are desperate to watch their favorite couple walking down the carpet making a fashion statement hand-in-hand and they are making wild guesses on social media.

Here's Why Fans Are Excited About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Being Invited to the 2024 Met Gala

On X, formerly Twitter, fans weighed in on the possibility of Kelce and Swift showing up at the Met. A fan, @DavidVeale19, asked, “Who thinks #TaylorSwift and #TravisKelce will go to the #MetGala in New York together on May 6th?” @LeaCash responded, “I don’t think so. They both have a lot going on and she’ll be getting ready to go back on tour.”



Another hopeful fan, @cloisteredswift, dreamed, “Thinking about how iconic it would be if Taylor and Travis went to the Met Gala this year knowing he’s also so into fashion. she won’t be touring either at that time.” @TheGloryWhole1 echoed, “Who else can’t wait for Taylor and Travis at the MET Gala?!”



The debate extended to Reddit where more fans seemed keen to see Swift at the Met who previously declined the invitation multiple times. A Reddit admirer, u/One_Link9508, commented, “I’m hoping they will. I just think this big step for Taylor she doesn’t do red carpets with her partner. So if they do I think she thinks it’s endgame.”



Another fan, u/redscarfmi, rationalized, “I fall in the category of I would absolutely love to see it but also not getting my hopes up too high, lol. It would be amazing of course and I definitely think there is a chance, just not ready to clown and be super disappointed bc I also understand reasons why they wouldn’t go.”




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Meanwhile, more speculations arose after Swift’s fan account noticed the Anti-Hero singer’s longtime stylist Joseph Cassell recently followed @theofficialmetgala, the handle that updated people of this year’s guest list at the Met, per Cosmopolitan. Also, another fan on Reddit pointed out that the singer was spotted at Stella McCartney’s.



u/Southern-Ad4930 said, “I have seen lots of speculations that she was spotted at Stella McCartney’s the other day. Does anyone think it could be for her dress?” u/redscarfmi replied, “I have only seen people alluding to that but no real info on it. Was there a source or just random Twitter chatter?”

Amid her super-successful Eras Tour dominating her calendar, it is likely that Swift, once again, will dodge the Met Gala. She last walked for the fashion event in 2016. Meanwhile, her upcoming 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, is set to release on April 19, 2024, which she’ll definitely prioritize.

A source told The Sun, “It’s that time of year where both are off and they like not to attract any attention, to not be going to many public events, and just stay in their ‘bubble.'” However, “They have been invited to tons of public events in the last few weeks but they declined them.”

“The Met Gala is a massive event but the plan is to not go as they want to enjoy the maximum time they have before the start of the Euro tour,” adding that Swift’s upcoming European leg of the tour “is going to be an intense time.” Hence, the couple is consciously staying away from the spotlight.

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