Here is Why Fans are Calling for Travis Kelce to Retire Despite His Recent Success in the NFL

Here is Why Fans are Calling for Travis Kelce to Retire Despite His Recent Success in the NFL

Supporters are calling for the retirement of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, even though he has played a crucial role in the team’s success.

His recent performance against the Miami Dolphins in the wild-card playoff has angered many, who claim that his mishandled throws contributed to the team’s difficulties. But the debate hasn’t only been sparked by on-field issues; suggestions about Kelce’s relationship with pop star Taylor Swift are also stoking retirement rumors.



Kelce came under fire for dropping a ball in the chilly -4 degree weather inside Arrowhead Stadium during the Dolphins wild-card playoff game, per Marca.

Some supporters were quick to criticize Kelce and demand that he resign at the end of the season, saying that he has lost his top skill, even though the Chiefs were ahead 16–7 at the half.



Remarks along the lines of “Travis Kelce needs to retire man. That boy doesn’t have it anymore” flooded social media.

Remarkably, a few supporters even linked Kelce’s supposed downfall to his romance with Swift. “Travis just needs to retire and ride off into the sunset. Just not the same since T-Swift came into the picture,” one fan said.

Kelce is among the greatest players of his position in NFL history, having been selected to the first team All-Pro four times and a nine-time Pro Bowler. His contribution to the Chiefs’ most recent Super Bowl triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles cemented his place as an important member of the winning group, reports People.



Here is Why Fans are Calling for Travis Kelce to Retire Despite His Recent Success in the NFL

Kelce is unwavering in his dedication to the game even with the calls to retire. The Ohio native discussed his passion for the game and desire to keep competing at the top level in a recent press conference held in advance of the NFL Playoffs.



Kelce declared, “I have no reason to stop playing football man, and I love it. We still have success,” ending rumors that he will soon retire. “Come in with the right mindset, and I just love the challenge it gives me every single day to try and be at my best. Like I said, I have no desire to stop anytime soon.”

The NFL star’s off-field activities have drawn a lot of attention, as evidenced by his appearances on Saturday Night Live and the Wall Street Journal magazine cover.



The tight end is steadfast in his devotion to football, despite some critics suggesting that Kelce’s rising stardom is taking his attention away from it. “I’ve been fortunate to do a few things outside of the sports world that I’ve been enjoying doing, like getting on camera,” he said.



Kelce’s on-field performance speaks for itself despite the distractions. He is still a key member of the Chiefs offense with 984 receiving yards, which leads the team, and five touchdowns in 15 games, per Mirror.

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