Gym Reacts to Claims That Customers Waited Outside For 2 Hours Because of Taylor And Travis

There is now much-needed clarification on what exactly is going on at Taylor Swift’s gym whenever she pops in for a workout — and while it’s not nearly as dramatic as it was made up to be, she does, in fact, receive special treatment while she’s there.





A representative for Dogpound in a statement said, “Dogpound is an appointment-only facility. We cherish our members’ experiences and have never had them wait outside for two hours. The media narrative fails to adequately portray the circumstances. We value our clients’ privacy. They refused to reveal who the persons outside were.





Fortunately for us, we discovered the solution in another way… sources acquainted with this gym tell us that several of the people depicted in workout attire are actually Dogpound employees — whom, we’re told, do have to get out when Taylor swings by to get some exercise.

Our sources say this is standard operating procedure, and Taylor’s workouts only last an hour. Point being … the gym is cleared entirely when she rolls up, for privacy it seems.

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