George Santos Takes Major Swipe at Taylor Swift, Questioning Her Taste in Men

Taylor Swift isn’t the most political of musicians in that she doesn’t go around handing out pamphlets or dedicating songs from her piano to the candidate of her choosing, but it’s quite evident who she’ll vote for in November — and George Santos is furious about it.





On Super Tuesday, Swift posted a video on Instagram urging her 282 million followers to exercise their right to vote, saying, “I wanted to remind you guys to vote the people who most represent YOU into power,” and Santos’ takeaway from this, as well as her hushed pro-Biden vibe, is that she is known for having bad taste in men.





“I see @taylorswift13 endorsing @JoeBiden for president,” Santos posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday. “I mean I see how this makes sense since 95% of her songs are about choosing the wrong guy. I guess we can all expect a Taylor Swift revenge song on Biden in 2025…”



With the power that Swift wields, when or if she does come out to reveal whoever she supports,, that’ll turn millions of young voters in his direction, to be sure.

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