First practice shows why the Packers took Jordan Morgan in the first round

First practice shows why the Packers took Jordan Morgan in the first round

If the first day of rookie minicamp is any indication of what will truly happen in the regular season, first-round pick Jordan Morgan will be a tackle for the Green Bay Packers. Drafted with the 25th overall pick, he practiced at left tackle — and that’s what the rookie wants to prove.



“I was out there today at left tackle,” Morgan said. “I’m trying to show that I’m a true left tackle, be out there and protect the quarterback.”

At Arizona, Morgan was a true left tackle. Over the last three years of his collegiate career, he played 2,153 offensive snaps, all of them at left tackle. However, his under 33-inch arms make the transition to the NFL tougher, which could mean a move inside to guard.



How the Packers see him
Green Bay prefers valuable positions early in the draft, which naturally indicates the front office sees the potential for Jordan Morgan to play left tackle.

“I think, obviously, a lot’s going to depend on the player,” general manager Brian Gutekunst said after the selection.



“He’s played left tackle, he’s got 37-plus starts at left tackle, so that’s what he’s done. But, at the same time, he’s a really smart kid. I think that’s one of those things, I don’t know if you really know if he can do that early on until you get him in the building and see how he grasps things and stuff like that. But we would expect he’ll be a quick learner and be able to pick up whatever they ask him to do.”



Gutekunst mentioned that the Packers will play the best five. So, the competition also involves current left tackle Rasheed Walker, center Josh Myers, and right guard Sean Rhyan.

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