Donna Kelce Reacts to Kylie’s Threat to Jason Kelce

Days after Jason Kelce nearly broke the internet with his mid-NFL game shirtless antics, his mother has revealed what was on her thoughts when he went into peak football fan mode. Donna Kelce, affectionately known among fans as “Mama Kelce,” told People that she was “not at all” startled by Jason’s behavior at the Kansas City Chiefs-Buffalo Bills game on January 21.



In fact, she said it’s not the first time he’s gone shirtless during a game, but he usually saves it for “special moments.” Now that the Philadelphia Eagles center’s NFL season is done, he “can finally let his hair down” and display a more lighthearted side of himself that he doesn’t generally bring out when working, according to Donna told the magazine.

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Jason, 36, attended the game last weekend to cheer on his younger brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. During a recent episode of the Kelce brothers’ podcast, New Heights, Jason stated he decided to strip off his shirt and join the mob the moment he stepped inside the box he was sharing with their parents, his wife Kylie, and Travis’ girlfriend, pop singer Taylor Swift.

Jason stated that he “got caught up in the magic of Bills Mafia,” the nickname for Bills fans, and wanted to do something to show that he was ‘like my Buffalo Bills Mafia compadres’ “When I entered the box, I noticed, ‘Hey, I could jump out of this box and I’ll be outside,'” Jason recalled thinking. “‘And if I take my shirt off, then I’m outside and I’m part of the Buffalo Bills pageantry.'”



Jason feels his wife was not pleased with his decision, but his parents seemed delighted by his antics, Kylie has also threatened to get a cat without Jason’s permission as payback, and Donna reacted by saying she supports getting more pets for her grandkids. As a photo of Jason celebrating shirtless during the game went viral, the brothers’ father, Ed Kelce, posted a close-up of the image on Instagram. Ed later humorously shared another image of his son placed over a screenshot from the 1995 film Braveheart, captioned “Jason fighting for Scotland’s freedom.”



Ed later published a picture with the shirtless Jason photo, stating, “If aliens came down from outer space and said take us to your leader…. this is the guy.” Donna said Sunday’s actions are merely a public demonstration of her oldest kid being himself. “This is who he is”.

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