DJ Reader Sends Message to Doubters and Those That Disrespect Him

Most professional athletes claim to be unconcerned with social media. Even if they scroll on a regular basis, they either ignore it or pretend to. “I’ve tried to get away from it because I will sit up in bed all night. I have time. I have time to go back and forth with people,” Reader said on Thursday.



“If I really let most of my opinions out, most people would not like DJ Reader’s opinions about a lot of things. I don’t let it go too far. I let most of that stuff stay in. I almost had to tell a dude in the comments one day, ‘You know I fight, right?’ Like, we can fight right now. The things you are saying, we can fight.”

Bengals defensive end DJ Reader examines more than simply nasty social media comments. He goes looking for them. “If you are going to say something about me, put my name on it,” Reader said. “At me. At me. Don’t say, DJ Reader and I gotta go looking for it. At me. It’s right there. @DJRead98. At it. Press the tweet button”.



“Let me know personally that way I see it and I don’t have to go look for it. Thank you. Or you can DM it to me. DM me. They are open. Please. If you really got a problem with me and whatever I’m doing on the field or in my life, let me know. Send it. Big fat direct messages. I promise I’ll read it.”





Reader admits that he is tired of looking for it. His direct messages are open. He wants people to tag him or reach him on social media.

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