David Njoku Does not Hold Back His Thoughts About Travis Kelce

David Njoku Does not Hold Back His Thoughts About Travis Kelce

Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku finished among the top athletes at his position this season despite having five different quarterbacks take snaps last season.

With 882 yards receiving, Njoku barely missed out on a top-five finish as Detroit rookie tight end Sam LaPorta notched just seven more yards in 2023’s regular season.



Comparisons for Njoku to the top tight ends in the NFL have been rampant, especially as the 27-year-old is entering his eighth season and coming off his most productive year as a professional.

When Njoku was recently asked about his thoughts on Kansas City legendary tight end Travis Kelce recently, the Browns player did not hold back.



Starcade Media shared a video clip of Njoku speaking about Kelce as the Cleveland tight end explained he has the “utmost respect” for the future Hall of Fame athlete.

Njoku praised Kelce as “an animal” on the field and his friend off of it.

The Browns tight end noted that Kelce has extremely clean route-running abilities.



Kelce – who is a native of Cleveland – uses his entire body to sell each route, he added.

Njoku was among 14 announced NFL athletes who competed in this year’s Sport Fishing Championship’s The Catch, the event where the video was captured as he shared his thoughts with reporters before participating in this year’s event.



Kelce has also invited Njoku to the first-ever Tight End University, a three-day program dedicated to players at the position that was created by Kelce, San Francisco’s George Kittle, and former NFL tight end Greg Olsen.

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