Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Issues Strong Message to Dolphins

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Issues Strong Message to Dolphins

The Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday, November 2 to play the Miami Dolphins on November 5. Despite just having a few days to adjust to the time difference, Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce urged the Dolphins, who went to Germany on Monday, not to underestimate the reigning Super Bowl winners.



“There has been a lot of talk about us coming out here later and not having the time to acclimate,” Kelce said during his first press conference in Germany on November 3, via Charles Goldman of A to Z Sports. “I’ll be the one to say that, we’ve got a team that’s ready to roll anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s in the parking lot, on some nice grass, or in a mud field. We don’t care. It’s all mental for us and we’re ready to rock and roll.”





Many people have questioned if the Chiefs can adjust to a new time zone quickly enough to be emotionally and physically prepared for Sunday’s game. Bobby Stroupe, Patrick Mahomes’ trainer, revealed some interesting statistics that suggest the defending Super Bowl champs made the right decision by traveling late in the week.



Stroupe discovered that traveling seven days before a game is the best choice based on his study. However, considering that games are often played seven days apart, that is not usually an option for the NFL. Traveling three to five days before the game provides its own set of challenges. Traveling two days before the game “works great IF players keep on US time with their schedules,” per Stroupe on October 30

The Chiefs did not add another player to their youthful, inexperienced, and largely ineffective receiving group before the October 31 trade deadline. But Travis Kelce is fine with that since he feels Kansas City’s current roster is adequate for success moving ahead.



“I standby, this team has every piece it needs to be great,” Kelce said on November 3, via Charles Goldman. “I know we’ve got a team that can put points up. I know we’ve got the coaches to put us in positions to succeed. That’s where we’re moving going forward. It just takes guys locking in and being ready for those big-time moments when we need it most.”

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