Chiefs legend calls out team’s stars for ‘spoiled’ behavior

Rob Gronkowski appreciates fire shown by Chiefs' team leader

One Kansas City Chiefs legend is not impressed with how the team’s star players, particularly Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, have handled their recent frustrations.



In an appearance on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” Thursday, former Chiefs All-Pro Dante Hall was critical of Mahomes and Kelce for their angry reactions during Monday’s loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.





Hall argued that the team’s recent body language is an issue and that more even-keeled behavior would benefit the entire team. “When you are screaming and yelling at your players, that permeates negativity,” Hall said.

“When you have what you have had in the first five years, that poker face, we know we’re going to win this in the end, that permeates positivity. Get back to being positive.



“It’s like my little kids running around on Christmas Day. We got you a Christmas tree full of presents, and you’re acting like spoiled little brats.



Chiefs legend calls out team’s stars for ‘spoiled’ behavior



These guys know I love them. So, as a friend, as a brother, I had to call you out. This is not a good look. I’m watching the game with my kids, my daughter loves Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, and you’re acting like that? Come on, guys. Be better, and I think the team will be better.”

Cameras captured Kelce on the sideline throwing his helmet in frustration as the Chiefs struggled against the Raiders.

Mahomes was also seen lambasting his offensive line at one point, with that coming on the heels of him completely losing his cool two weeks earlier over a game-changing penalty that was ultimately correctly called.

Chiefs legend calls out team’s stars for ‘spoiled’ behavior

The Chiefs definitely have not reacted this emotionally in recent years, but they also have not lost this much during the Mahomes era. Hall may have a point, though, that the frustration they are showing is only breeding more frustration.

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