Chiefs have a history of doing the unthinkable on Christmas Day

Chiefs have a history of doing the unthinkable on Christmas Day

Christmas Day is almost here, which means the Kansas City Chiefs play football against the Las Vegas Raiders.



That is a matchup that is sure to bring joy and happiness in the form of a gift-wrapped win to one fan base; we just don’t know which one yet.



Chiefs have a history of doing the unthinkable on Christmas Day



If this game is anything like the last time these two teams met, well, there will be a bit of fireworks, and the game will likely be a rollercoaster of emotion for both fan bases. In Week 12, the Raiders started out with a huge 14-0 run. They could have made it 17-0, but their kicker, Daniel Carlson, missed a kick he almost never misses.

That then started the race for the Chiefs, as they would rally from down 14 points and go on to win by 14. This Christmas game could be a very fun one, as there are two other games slated to happen on Monday as well.



However, we will be in for a treat if this upcoming game is anything like the last time the Chiefs played on Christmas Day. The Chiefs have played three Christmas Day games before the one they are about to play.



Chiefs have a history of doing the unthinkable on Christmas Day



They are 2-1 in those games, including one of them being a crazy overtime win. The last time they suited it up on Christmas was in 2016, before Patrick Mahomes was even on the team. That game saw some pretty unthinkable things happen.

They beat their division rival, Denver Broncos, 33-10 and saw a 70-yard rushing touchdown from Tyreek Hill, an 80-yard receiving touchdown from Travis Kelce, and even a passing touchdown from Dontari Poe.

Yes, you read that right. If you are a new Chiefs fan, then you may not know what play I’m referring to or even who Poe is. However, if you saw the highlight, there is a big chance it’s one you have seen before.

Dontari Poe, a 300-pound nose tackle in 2016, lined up as if he was the quarterback. He caught the snap, acted like he was going to run, stopped, jumped, and threw the ball to Demetrius Harris, a former Chiefs tight end. That was Poe’s second touchdown of that season. The other was a rushing touchdown.

It truly is one of the best trick plays we have seen in some time, and the Chiefs dismantled a team that had just won the Super Bowl the year before.

If we know anything about Andy Reid, it’s that he loves trick plays. Last season, when the Chiefs played the Raiders, Kansas City ran that snowglobe play. It worked; the Chiefs scored, but it was called back with a penalty.

When the Raiders’ interim head coach, Antonio Pierce, was asked about the trick pay from last season, he had some strong words to say about it. “We saw the ring around the Rosie they did last year here; it’s part of the game, it’s cool, but the best way to stop trick plays is to hit them in the mouth,” Pierce told reporters.

The Chiefs didn’t pull out a trick play the last time the two teams played, so who knows what’s in store this time? Knowing Andy Reid, you can’t count it out.

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