BREAKING: Los Angeles Rams Defender Shockingly Arrested

Rams Announce Three Roster Moves

The Los Angeles Rams cornerback Derion Kendrick was arrested Monday morning when he was pulled over by police for a traffic violation and they found a gun in his car.



He was then arrested on a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon. This news comes from NFL insider Dov Kleiman via Twitter.





Kendrick was booked at 2:14 AM Pacific time and remained in custody as of 2:30 PM this afternoon. Reporters have tried to reach out to the team for further details, but the Rams decided not to comment on anything for now. The details of the arrest are still unknown but will most likely be released sometime during the week

On top of the gun charge, Kendrick has also been issued a citation for simple possession of marijuana which caused him to be booked in the Rock Hill Jail. He was then released later that day on a personal recognizance bond.



Since joining the team in 2022, Kendrick has amounted to 68 tackles in his young career. In 2023, he has 25 tackles with five of them assisted.



BREAKING: Los Angeles Rams Defender Shockingly Arrested



His troubles with the law may be detrimental to his career, though, as he has had multiple offenses that can cause turmoil in the locker room. We do not yet know if the Rams plan to release the cornerback or not. The arrest occurred Monday morning and is still being looked at by reporters for further information.

This is an ongoing issue and will continue to be updated throughout the day and the week. Will the Rams release the troubled defender or will they give him another chance if he is released?

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