Bethenny Frankel Goes Off on Taylor Swift Fans

The former Bravo star initially claimed Travis “loves to be the center of attention” and compared him to one of her previous ex-boyfriends. Frankel’s diatribe also questioned the long-term viability of Travis and Swift’s relationship.







“When you get into real life, and you get into kids and marriage and things like that,” she told me. “It isn’t easy. Relationships need effort, which is difficult given Taylor Swift’s flamboyant personality. So there is usually only one peacock in a relationship.








After Ed learned about Frankel’s remarks, he took to Facebook to question, “Who the fuck is this troll?” In a TikTok video aired on February 14, Frankel again criticized Donna Kelce’s collaboration with Ziploc. “I’d like to know why Travis Kelce’s mother is being paid for photos of Ziploc bags coming out of her purse.

“I was photographed on the Housewives with my bathing suit stored in Ziploc bags,” Frankel added, before questioning, “Why didn’t I get paid?”



Frankel then claimed that Ed “used an insult instead of his intellect” and likened the situation to Travis’s 2024 Super Bowl rant against Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid. “I did not mention him pushing his coach, which is a physical expression versus using your words and having a conversation, which is kind of like what his dad did,” she went on to say.



Frankel then warned any Swifties that if they “come for” her, she will defend herself. “The Swifties can come for me, but I’m going to defend myself, I will not ignore any comment that attacks me in any way” added Frankel, who previously stated that Travis and Swift, 34, were on her “Mount Rushmore of couples.”

She claimed she “wasn’t even criticizing their relationship” and that Ed’s Facebook post calling her a “troll” was “amazing clickbait.” She immediately said, “Yay for Travis Kelce’s dad.”



Frankel went on to compliment the NFL player and singer on the program, attempting to clarify her previous “peacock” remarks. “I mean, they are on top of the world. They’re both extremely successful. I have stated that I literally believe he is a peacock, and there are two peacocks in this relationship, and it usually doesn’t work,” she explained..

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