Bengals fans are showing love back to the team in an impressive way

Bengals fans are showing love back to the team in an impressive way

The Cincinnati Bengals are bringing out their all-black uniforms for Saturday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, and the fans want in on the aesthetic as well.



Several notable fans, including 2021 Bengals Fan of the Year Bengal Jim Foster, are calling for a blackout in the stands. Bengals fans are not new to game day themes.





They’ve completed two whiteouts over the past two years when the team has worn its White Bengal helmet. Last month, they “Striped the Jungle” when the Buffalo Bills came to town, wearing orange or black depending on which section they were seated in. Their efforts made the crowd look like tiger stripes for a national audience.

There has been no official initiative from the Bengals this week about wearing all black, but the fans on Twitter/X are taking it upon themselves to spread the word.





The growth in which the franchise has gotten its fans involved over the past few years has been extremely notable. To me, this is the fans showing love back to the organization by showing initiative and community to better the game day experience.



So, if you’re heading down to Paycor Stadium on Saturday, best bring your black Bengals attire. Don’t want to be sticking out like a sore thumb!

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