Baltimore Ravens Star Receives Massive Punishment From NFL Before AFC Championship

Baltimore Ravens Star Receives Massive Punishment From NFL Before AFC Championship

The Baltimore Ravens are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in the AFC Championship game to have a chance at going to the Super Bowl.





The Ravens have been the best team in the league all season long and are the favorites to advance to the big game this year. However, one of their star players got some unfortunate news this weekend as he received a hefty fine from the NFL, and fans were not happy about the reason.

Baltimore offensive lineman Morgan Moses was fined $13,659 for unsportsmanlike conduct on a play where quarterback Lamar Jackson ran in for an eight-yard touchdown in last week’s divisional playoff game against the Houston Texans.



The league has cracked down on fining players in 2023, with some fines being much more controversial than others, and this one is a key example of just that.





According to NFL analyst Tom Pelissero, Moses was fined after the play had ended while celebrating the touchdown with his teammates. The offensive lineman was seen holding one of the cameras from the camera crew and pointing it at Jackson, mimicking taking a picture of the star quarterback.

While most saw it as just an innocent celebration, the league handed Moses a hefty fine for his actions, as they have been doing throughout the season.



Many NFL fans were not happy with the fine and are calling the NFL the “No Fun League” as they have throughout the season as these controversial fines have added up.

Above are some of the reactions fans had to the situation on social media. While there have been much heftier fines this season, this amount seems a little excessive given the circumstances. Many fans are calling for the league to allow players to celebrate touchdowns again and that it is part of the fun of the game. Do you think that Moses deserved to get fined for his actions, or is the NFL seemingly handing out fines to players for almost any celebrations?

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