Andy Reid Reacts to Wild Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Question

Andy Reid Reacts to Wild Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Question

Super Bowl week is in full swing.

While both the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are working hard to prepare for the big game, they are also in the midst of many media sessions and interviews. Players and coaches are typically grilled by the media during this time of year, as everyone is trying to get the latest scoop and try to dig up any dirt they can find.



Head coach Andy Reid was recently asked a question by a German reporter as seen in a video shared by a Chiefs fan via Dov Kleiman. The reporter asked Reid about the potential “conspiracy” regarding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.



He asked Reid what he thinks of this conspiracy of the Chiefs being in the Super Bowl as just a ploy for both of them to endorse Joe Biden as the presidential nominee. After hearing the reporter say this and ask him about it, Reid simply said, “That’s way out of my league.”





Reid’s job is to coach the Chiefs to their second straight Super Bowl victory.

While speaking with the media is certainly part of his duties, being asked questions of this nature is not what Reid was expecting coming into Super Bowl week.

This conspiracy might be a belief held by very few people, but the fact that Reid was asked about it on a national stage gives even more attention to this phenomenon.



It will be interesting to see if there is any additional pushback from this question, and if the person who asked it will continue to have access to coaches and players throughout the week.

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